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Kayak FishingFish in Mequinenza and Fayón; Black-Bass Siluro cat-fish Carp and Walleyed


Fayón and Mequinenza, best Black Bass areaPesca en kayak del black bass


The camping of la Pobla of Massaluca shares water with Mequinenza and Fayón villages, inside the Ribaroja lake. It is an interesting fishing area because of the proliferation of multiple species (cat-fish, black bass, walleyed, carps...). Close to the Camping, is full of big rocky zones where the black-bass hides waiting for hunting. Actually the village of Fayón houses the qualifying tests for the Aragón Black-bass championship. But if you are still doubting, just watch the video attached below, recorded around the marinas and other areas close to the camping:kayak fishing, fishing in Mequienza, fishing in Fayón, cat-fish, black bass, walleyed

Kayak fishing is one of the newest growing tendencies, and it is because of the good experimented results. Kayak let's get closer to places impossible to reach walking keeping it calm, without the noise generated by boat engines (really important if you want to fish) moreover, you get total movement freedom. It is the ideal way for black-bass fishing, a predator species which attacks artificial decoys fast and furious. Sometimes, this fish reach up to 3Kg being a fighting and funny fish. Our renting kayaks incorporate a hole where you can hold your fishing rods while you paddle without problems. We also rent full fishing equipment for only 6€ (fishing road and artificial decoys) to spend the whole day as supplement. Kayak fishing, fishing in Mequienza, fish in Fayón, cat-fish, black bass, walleyed, carp, perca

Here you have some kayak fishing videos:

¿What do you need for fishing?black bass kayak fishing

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